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Max7Deals Pet Grooming Kit with Brush and Comb


Category : Pets


  • COVER ALL PET'S BASIC NEEDS. All-In-One Grooming Tool Kit best to keep up with your pet's basic needs, maintain animal health and physical appearance like care of coat and nails.
  • EVERYTHING PET OWNER LOOKING FOR - from trimming and brushing animal hair, polishing nails, preventing matting and tangling of hair, avoiding hair build-up and excess shedding
  • 7-PIECE IMPORTANT TO HAVE Pet grooming kit includes Double Side Comb, Undercoat Dematting Rake, Mat Breaker Shedding Rake, Double Side Pin/Bristle Brush, Flea Comb, Nail Clippers and Nail File; with FREE Trimming Scissors no extra charge.